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digisewerWinCan DigiSewer®-Inspection systemThe DigiSewer® is the perfect add on to our ROVVER® inspection crawlers. Via its additional LED Lights, the wide angle „fish eye" lens captures a whole 180° view of the pipe.The WinCan Scan Explorer generates out of the analog video recordings a 2 dimensional view of the pipe surface. This extracted 2D blank gives the operator now a perfect overview of the pipe condition and provides a exact localisation and measurement of possible damages, taps or joints. The Scan Explorer features various viewings like front, detail or overview and ofters so an easy operation.

DigiSewer® Inspection System By featuring a constant speed of the crawler the inspection reduces complexity and saves expensive inspection time.Your saved inspection data can afterwards be sighted and reported with the WinCan Viewer. Additionally it is possible to erase later measurments out of the data.WinCan Scan Explorer / AnalyzerThe WinCan Scan Explorer offers you a great variety of view, all linked and synchronized with each other. Presize measurement functions are integrated and easy to use. The digital data is packed by efficient algorythms to save up to 10km of inspection data on one DVD.Inclination measurmentDuring the inspection the DigiSewer captures via an inclination sensor the inclination data and synchronizes it with the viewings on the screen.

The WinCan Explorer views a diagramm of the inclination state.ReportsYou can define your own reports with the WinCanScan Explorer. With a few klicks your customer gets his self defined output and the software even features a independent interface for the data export to other software ....in fine the WinCan Explorer features :Exact measurments of damagesHigh resolution viewsOptimal integration of WinCanOverviews of the whole pipe surfaceAutomatic joint detection
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