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AGILIOS™ Pan & Tilt Push Camera System

AGILIOS™ – is the brandnew pan&tilt push camera made by iPEK. It incorporates a aluminium coiler for 30, 60 or 90 m reinforced push cable, a new universal pendant controller VISIONCONTROL and the rugged PTP70 pan & tilt camera head. The design incorporates and reflects the latest customer feedback for push cameras in the drain CCTV industry. The key features of the system are unparalleled picture quality, high intensity LED illumination, an integrated transmitter sonde with choice of transmission frequencies, a coloured text generator, MPEG and JPG recording and the possibility to export data via USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

Having a look to ergonomics and design of the AGILIOS™ system is complemented by the well known high iPEK manufacturing standards. The AGILIOS™ construction is robust and strong at key areas; operation of the system is simple and intuitive; the reel is lightweight but extremely stable. Our mission was to design and build a functional, lightweight, ergonomic pan & tilt push camera featuring power and agility – the AGILIOS™

VISIONCONTROL – Universal Pendant

The new VISIONCONTROL was developed, based on the experiences of the SUPERVISION® system and it will be the central platform for future iPEK pendants. The pendant has been designed for ergonomic operation with one or two control joysticks, for left or right-handed operation and the possibility of single-handed use.

The VISIONCONTROL incorporates many innovative features necessary in today’s portable control pendants. A 800 x 600 Touchscreen display, visible in the brightest daylight provides the clearest images which can be stored in MPEG or JPG on an integral hard disk or Xpress Card. Playback is immediate and data can be transmitted via USB or Ethernet to other devices. A bluetooth port for an audio headset connection and pre-programmed commands for the pan & tilt head add to the functionality. A key protection innovation is the freefall sensor - should the pendant be accidentally dropped, the freefall sensor shuts off the hard drive before the unit hits the ground.

VISIONCONTROL is the future control for all your inspections.

PTP70 Pan&Tilt Push Camera

The brandnew pan & tilt camera PTP70 is an enhanced development of the PipeBus® technology of iPEK. Whose optical functions are a benchmark standard in the industry. We have added several specific key features. The illumination is optimised for the inspection angle of the camera; the mechanical pan & tilt functions are well protected; the auto self levelling makes for easy handling and the camera incorporates an integral transmission sonde with choice of frequencies. The flexibility of the camera allows passage through several bends in a 100mm ( 6 ") pipe.

AC42 axial camera

We are offering the axial camera AC42 as an option for the AGILIOS™ system to secure easy and quick inspections. The AC42 is of a high quality construction, has the well-known iPEK optics and an ultra-bright LED light. The axial camera AC42 is therefore the perfect accessory.

VISIONREPORT reporting software

We have developed our own software for the processing centre of the VISIONCONTROL control panel, so that all data that is collected during your inspection are accurately processed and can be presented clearly.

VISIONREPORT provides an intuitive user interface for all applications and offers all current interfaces for processing your inspection. The most important monitoring functions of the AGILIOS™ system are permanently illustrated for you in the dashboard of the software and you can switch between the settings and the video image via a toggle function.

Roll slide

Roll slides are available for the PTP70 and the AC42 for seamlessly inserting our push camera heads into the lines to be inspected. These are assembled via the camera heads prior to the inspection and therefore secure perfect centering in the pipe and a quick process.

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